Monthly Archives: December 2012

Stairways to Heaven?

Stairs are a form of functionality, but this week we are looking at how this transitional space can become a sculptural object. Whether used to create clever storage, become a piece of horticulture or be a way of expressing yourself, these stairs are the path to heaven. This little slice of heaven was designed by […]

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Reading into things.

Here at Vesta, we love books and are mad about libraries! So this week we are going to share some unique and gorgeous Library ideas. Why not start with this Scandinavian design classic, the Swedish string shelf. Popular in the 60’s and has come back recently as a retro piece for the home. It is […]

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I pod

Everything these days seem to be getting smaller. Whether it’s our phones, computer’s or even houses. Small is the new thing. So what about pod living? Micasa Lab has created ‘Cocoon 1’, which takes small living to extreme. The concept behind the transparent sphere is to create a place of retreat whilst still being connected […]

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