Monthly Archives: September 2013

Installing Art.

This week we are focusing on one artist, Najla Zein Design Studio.  Najla is from Paris and studied Product Design at University there, before finally completing a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture at Ecole Camondo. She lived in Rotterdam before moving to Beirut to open her Design Studio and Instruct at the American University of […]

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Invisible Heights.

The race for the tallest skyscraper will be forever ongoing. To be the architect to design an iconic tower is an opportunity of a lifetime. American firm GDS Architects has decided to create an iconic tower that will be known not for it’s height, but for the fact that it can become invisible! The South […]

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Stairways to the Heart.

We earlier submitted a blog about Stairways to Heaven, with a focus on the sculptural objects that they can become. This week we are presenting more staircases that will wind their way into your hearts. Let us know favourite stairs. Melk Abbey, Austria by Jakob Prandtauer. Built as a Benedictine Abbey in 1736, Melk Abbey […]

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