Beach House Heaven.

Summer Retreat RRA 4

Summer is here at last! Every year when the sun is shining we make a mass excursion to the beach, so how better to celebrate the sunny weather than to take a look at some amazing beach houses.


Elizabeth Beach House, Australia by Bourne Blue Architecture.

Elizabeth Beach House, Bourne Blue 02

Located in a small village on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia, the surrounding area to this project remains largely unspoilt. The site is positioned between an estuary and the Pacific Ocean, and bordering a nature reserve.

Elizabeth Beach House, Bourne Blue 01

The idea behind the building is for a grounded, timber element extending along the Western side of the block, which creates a screen for the rest of the site. More open spaces such as living areas and decks sit East of the timber element, with total privacy, direct outlook to the forest and good solar access. The living spaces open to a sunny grassed area, a roofed deck and an open deck, so that through the seasons, different areas can be used depending upon the weather.

Elizabeth Beach House, Bourne Blue 04

The children’s rooms open into a playroom, creating and defining their own private area of the house. The upper level is the parents’ own zone, where considered openings frame views of the forest and garden. The home is designed to be private and sheltered from the West and South, yet open to the North and East.


Summer Retreat, Norway by RRA

Summer Retreat RRA 2

This beautiful building is designed around a mono view, highlighting the orientation and intensifying the sense of connection with the landscape. Built in 2011 for a private client, this building was commissioned as a two bedroom summer retreat in Fugivik, Norway.

Summer Retreat RRA 1


Box House, Brazil by Alan Chu and Christiano Kato.

Box House Alan Chu Christiano Kato 2

This project was a renovation and extension, to make a run down caretaker’s house into a modern one bedroom dwelling. The site is located 100 metres above sea level on an island off the North coast of Sao Paulo.

Box House Alan Chu Christiano Kato 3

The new dwelling is split across two floors, the ground floor being the existing stone walls of the house, with a suspended first floor white box above. From the first floor, which is used as a bedroom, it is possible to see the continent. The box is 3m x 5m, and works to create juxtaposition between the concise volume and the large amorphous rock surrounding the building.

Box House Alan Chu Christiano Kato 1


Black House, Mexico by BGP arquitectura.

Black House BGP 2

The main feature of this house is the view. Located in a small village on top of a hill, the house is designed to live life under a canopy. There are very few internal spaces within the building.

Black House BGP 6

The kitchen, fireplace and garage are on the first floor, and open to the elements, whilst the bedrooms and family room are enclosed within a solid box beneath. The universal and open living area on the first floor can be protected from exterior conditions through the use of 4metre high glass panels.

Black House BGP 3

The concrete canopy above emphasise the views, and with its concave pitch gives a loose reference to the traditional Spanish roof surrounding the site. The whole building’s materiality is like that of a pearl, with exposed concrete on the interior and marble on the exterior.

Black House BGP 1


Beach House Q, Peru by Longhi Architects.

Beach House Q Longhi architects 6

Built within the rolling sand dunes that extend from the desert to the rocky Pacific Ocean cliffs, Casa Q’s location is unique.

Beach House Q Longhi architects 3

The building is the embodiment of a young couples dreams of a floating volume that embodies the space for a future family. The volume is supported by circular columns, which dance around the space rather than being conformed by a forced grid.

Beach House Q Longhi architects 1

Sliding glass panels are used to define the spaces and can be opened or closed depending on weather conditions.

 Beach House Q Longhi architects 4


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