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Last week we looked at some amazing Beach houses, but what about the humble Beach Hut? Still a coveted possession – in some places with a decade long waiting list – beach huts are quite often handed down from generation to generation. The new generation of Beach Huts do not take on the typical form; they have become more inventive and creative spaces, making the most of the small space. Below are six examples of some very ingenious spaces.

Beach Chalet by Studio Mama.

studiomamabeach 3

The 36sqm structure is built on galvanised steel stilts to prevent flooding. The outside of the chalet is clad with cedar shingles and the inside is clad with sawn softwood. Because the land slopes away from the breach, both internal and external steps were constructed to create a level surface inside.

studiomamabeach 1

Adding height to the rear of the chalet meant that there was space for a mezzanine level that now serves as a sleeping platform. With an oblong-shaped window above it providing lovely views over the countryside.

studiomamabeach 2

Behind the kitchen are the children’s bunk beds and the bathroom. The sea view is the focus of this simple living space.


The Fold by Josif Neema.

TheFold JosifNeema 1

TheFold JosifNeema 3

3D design student Josif Neema designed this incredible shaped beach hut. The Fold has been designed as a shelter that can be closed down into a portable sized box, and taken away. What started as a university project has turned into this remarkable concept model of a transportable beach hut.

TheFold JosifNeema 2


Hut on sleds by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects.

HutOnSleds CrossonClarkeCarnachan 1

This amazing hut is located on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand and designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects. Closed up, the rough macrocarpa-cladding blends into the landscape and has enough accommodation for a family of five.

HutOnSleds CrossonClarkeCarnachan 2

Designed to close up against the elements, the hut is only 40 square meters and rests on two thick wooden sleds that allow it to be shifted around the beachfront section in response to the ever-changing landscape in this coastal erosion zone.

HutOnSleds CrossonClarkeCarnachan 3

Inside the hut, every little space has been used, down to the secret cubbyholes in the children’s bunk beds. The mezzanine bedroom is accessed by climbing a wall-mounted ladder through a closeable hatch; it shares the same view as downstairs through the huge glass doors. Climb the ladder again and you arrive on a roof terrace that catches rainwater for the gravity tanks behind.

HutOnSleds CrossonClarkeCarnachan 5

The structure is transformed when an awning is winched open to reveal two-storey high glass doors that form the main entrance, effectively flooding the hut with light.


Eyes Wide sHut, by Feix and Merlin.

Felix and Merlin EyesWideShutBeachHut 2

Feix & Merlin have won the Bathing Beauties competition ‘Re-Imagining the Beach Hut for the 21st Century’ with the design ‘Eyes Wide sHut’.

Felix and Merlin EyesWideShutBeachHut 1

“The seaside is all about taking in the views, the great expanse of the beach, the sea and the horizon; capturing these images and framing them in the minds eye and recording them to memory.” Stated Feix and Merlin. Eyes Wide sHut features two ornate picture frames, one to the front and one to the rear.

Felix and Merlin EyesWideShutBeachHut 3

These frames carry floor-to-ceiling mirrored polycarbonate panels reflecting the view of the beach and the town back on itself as if someone had taken a picture and put it in the frame. The one-way mirrors allow a perfectly transparent and unobstructed view out from the inside, but seen from outside they are reflective and leave passers-by wondering what is going on inside.


The Sand Hut by Modative.

sand hut modative 1

The unique design of this beach hut allows the wall to be filled with sand, which personalizes the hut. The light weight plastic channels which the hut is made of, can be filled to create privacy or as a means of self expression. A trellis on the roof terrace can also be filled with sand to provide the required amount of shade.

sand hut modative 3

The majority of the beach hut’s façade consists of a large pivot door, effectively blurring the threshold between inside and outside when open. However there is a small alcove that acts as a private changing area for when the door is open. The rear of the sand hut contains a built-in sink and bench for taking in the view when the door is open.


The Seagull and The Windbreak by Push Studios and a:b:i:r Architects.


 Winner of the RIBA ‘Excellence in Architecture 2012’ award these four beach huts are the first in the UK designed specifically for people with disabilities.


Known locally as the Boscombe Beach Huts, carefully considered organisation of space allows the flexibility needed to meet users demands. The ‘Seagull’ (the wing form of the roof) is a simple, distinctive device unifying the four huts whilst the ‘Windbreak’ (the billowing coloured banding which wraps the building), enforces this identity providing visual messaging for the partially sighted.



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