I pod

Everything these days seem to be getting smaller. Whether it’s our phones, computer’s or even houses. Small is the new thing. So what about pod living? Micasa Lab has created ‘Cocoon 1’, which takes small living to extreme. The concept behind the transparent sphere is to create a place of retreat whilst still being connected […]

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It’s not easy being Green?

With the Hobbit film due to come out in a couple of weeks, we thought we would take a glance at the modern day Hobbit houses. Green living is no longer a hobbit hole in the ground, but a much more refined dwelling. Some don’t even reference their green credentials on the outside, but contain […]

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Teaching old dog’s new tricks.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well that might be true of animals; with Architecture it certainly isn’t the case. Renovation is fast becoming the most popular route to gaining a spectacular modern home whilst still maintaining the character of the past. Here are some quirky examples we think are spectacular. […]

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