Dipping a Toe into Swimming Pools

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We are entering the heat of the summer, and how better to keep ourselves cool than a luxurious dip in a swimming pool? This week we have gathered together a selection of beautifully designed pools for your perusal. Let us know which are your favourites!

House on the Cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

01 House-on-the-Cliff-by-Fran-Silvestre-Arquitectos_1

This incredible infinity pool was designed to connect the pool terrace with the views, as well as acting to make the house appear to walk on water.

01 House-on-the-Cliff-by-Fran-Silvestre-Arquitectos_2

The house is set upon a cliff, with the pool located on a lower level to symbolise a quiet cove, linking the building with the beach below.

01 House-on-the-Cliff-by-Fran-Silvestre-Arquitectos_3

Sleek and simple, the pool’s aesthetic is a perfect reflection of the house.

01 House-on-the-Cliff-by-Fran-Silvestre-Arquitectos_21

Villa Midgard by DAPstockholm.

02 Villa-Midgard-by-DAPstockholm-1

Residents of this house in Stockholm may feel like they are swimming in an aquarium, due to this large window in the side of the pool that looks onto the main entrance of the dwelling.

02 Villa-Midgard-by-DAPstockholm-2b

The pool itself is located on an upper level deck, due to the incline of the landscape.

02 Villa-Midgard-by-DAPstockholm-3

The Corten Steel cladding of the house gives this pool a more rustic aesthetic. The use of dark concrete for the pool does give the pool the quality of a deep forest lake. The infinity side of the pool adds to the wilderness quality.

BT House by Studio Guilherme Torres

 03 BT-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres_9

This pool was designed as a threshold between outside living spaces and the pool play area.

03 BT-House-by-Studio-Guilherme-Torres_1

The monolithic house sits to one side of the pool and also sails above it. Whilst the white walls of the pool house and additional dining area sit directly on the pools boundary.

Casa Lee by Studio MK27.

 04 Casa-Lee-by-Studio-MK27_2

Casa Lee stretched the full width of its site, with the living and dining rooms located in the centre of the building to allow them to spill out onto the garden on both sides.

04 Casa-Lee-by-Studio-MK27_5

The swimming pool is located at the front of the building and sits almost level with the decking creating a level plane through the house and out to the terrace the other side. The effect removes the boundary between inside and outside.

Wonderwall by SO architecture.

05 Wonderwall-by-SO_2sq 

Located on the second level, this swimming pool directly borders the bathroom and bedroom. The pool has a secondary purpose, to cool the building. The hot Thai winds are cooled, through evaporative cooling, before entering the building.

05 Wonderwall-by-SO_ss_1

Villa Amanzi by Original Vision.

 06 Villa Amanzi in Phuket by Original Vision 1

Nestled into a cascading ravine this Villa looks out to sea. The defining elements of the rock and the view were key to the design.

06 Villa Amanzi in Phuket by Original Vision 2

The swimming pool, cantilevered over a massage area, draws the eye out to the uninterrupted views.

06 Villa Amanzi in Phuket by Original Vision 3

The pool is located on the same level as the dining room and BBQ area, creating the entertainment level of the Villa. The private rooms are located above, with a spa and games area below.

Stoney Cross by Perring Architecture and Design.

07 stoneycross_perring 2 

This low Energy House has a pool to match, in keeping with the new trend that started in Australia, to have a natural Pool.

07 stoneycross_perring

The pool was created to increase biodiversity and also as a catchment for rain water.

07 stoneycross_perring 4

The local reptiles that were relocated during the build were considered when designing the natural pool. 

07 stoneycross_perring 3



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