House of Clicks

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Two million people designed this amazing Swedish house! Between January and October of 2014, an online housing portal called Hemnet collected data from more than 200million clicks and gathered from 20% of Sweden’s population. The purpose of the projects was to design a home by the people, for the people. Creating the ultimate design by democracy! The result is Hemnet House, also nick named the “House of Clicks”, and represents the most popular specifications of all the houses clicked through on the site.

Staffan Tell, spokesperson for Hemnet, says “the project was based on companies that use big data as the bedrock of their decision making, such as Netflix’s model for user recommendations – Hemnet wanted to understand what the country’s nine million citizens wanted from a house.”

The result was simplicity mixed with a few familiar and traditional touches.

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For instance the red wood-panelled cube is not just any red, but Falu red, the colour of native Swedish barns and cottages which invokes a traditional feel.

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However, inside is much more modern, with white walled, open concept rooms.

150410 - hemnethemmet - vardagsrumAccording to the data, soft grey furnishings, fireplaces and stone countertops were a must have. Whilst the kitchen should be nestled next to the living space to make entertaining guests easy.


The result is a 1,115 square foot house, separated into four rooms and would cost approximately 2.8 million Krona, or roughly £250,000. Staffan Tell admits that prices would depend on the location, near a large city this would be deemed a modest budget for a new home, but in the countryside, the price could appear more expensive.

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The construction of these amazing houses starts in Spring 2016, so keep your eyes open!

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