Installing Art.

This week we are focusing on one artist, Najla Zein Design Studio.  Najla is from Paris and studied Product Design at University there, before finally completing a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture at Ecole Camondo. She lived in Rotterdam before moving to Beirut to open her Design Studio and Instruct at the American University of Beirut in the Architecture and Graphic Design Department.

Her recent exhibition commissioned by the V&A during the London Design Festival 2013 brought her to our attention, and also her extraordinary previous work. Here are some examples.


The Wind Portal was created in conjunction with lighting designer Maurice Asso from Hilights. The installation is an interactive artwork of 5,000 paper windmills which have been installed in an 8 foot tall doorway within the Victoria and albert Museum, London.


Visitors are encouraged to pass through the hand-folded windmills as they move from the old to the new part of the museum.


The Day-lit gallery, which showcases preserved fragments of the city from the Medieval Renaissance, is the host to the temporary exhibit.

2852 spoons 1

‘2852 Spoons’ is a sculptural wall lamp created out of stainless steel and gold plated spoons with LED lights. The spoon is generally thought of as a simple everyday object, but Najla has changed that.

2852 spoons 4

This installation was designed to mimic a reptile clambering up a wall. The ‘skin’ of spoons reflects its surrounding, whilst also camouflaging and morphing into the existing context.

Paiff 1

This shop window for Piaff Boutique was designed for the winter of 2012. The design was meant to replicate the frosted and crystalised vegetation of winter.

Paiff 3

Using 200,000 plastic tag ties which are suspended from the ceiling, a lush, light form is created.


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