Invisible Heights.

The race for the tallest skyscraper will be forever ongoing. To be the architect to design an iconic tower is an opportunity of a lifetime. American firm GDS Architects has decided to create an iconic tower that will be known not for it’s height, but for the fact that it can become invisible!


The South Korean government has recently approved this scheme, which uses cameras to film its surroundings. The recorded images can then be recreated in real-time on the glass façade of the building, rendering it invisible. The surface of the glass will be covered by 500 rows of LED lights that create the images.



The tower has been designed to contain entertainment facilities, including a water park and roller coaster.  It will also contain the third highest observation deck in the world.



The skyscraper is to be 450metres (1,476 feet) high and will be sixth on the list of world’s highest buildings.



Positioned just outside Seoul, the anti-tower is set to stand as a national landmark for Korea which can be seen along the route between the city and its international airport.


Charles Wee, AIA, GDS Design Principal, said of the new skyscraper: “We are elated that the many years of design, testing and coordination have led us to that all-important step of beginning the building process.

“We look forward to providing Korea and the world with a completely new model for what it means to be an observation tower.”


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