It’s not easy being Green?

urrezkoenea_1Pena Ganchegui

With the Hobbit film due to come out in a couple of weeks, we thought we would take a glance at the modern day Hobbit houses. Green living is no longer a hobbit hole in the ground, but a much more refined dwelling. Some don’t even reference their green credentials on the outside, but contain a large range of technologies that contribute to an environmental style of living.

Ann Demeulemeester shop_ Mass Studies

Ann Demeulemeester’s shop in Seoul’s Gangnam district by Mass Studies is an example of how you can connect with nature even in the most urban environments. The building is completely covered in plants.


The Façade is a living wall and an internal staircase is moss lined. The line between exterior and interior is blurred through the use of materials and framed views.


urrezkoenea_1Pena Ganchegui

Urrezkoenea House By Pena Ganchegui and Associates is not your standard Spanish home. Located on a steep plot with views of the Cantabric Sea. The building was designed to vanish into its surroundings whilst also forming the shelter required from the wild sea winds.

urrezkoenea_2Pena Ganchegu

The building itself is partially submerged into the landscape and utilised a green roof to camouflage it further. The building takes advantage of it’s amazing view through floor to ceiling sized windows that also ensure a high level of daylight within.



The Low2No Competition organised by Sitra and the City of Helsinki has brought together a range of urban sustainable options. Many National Architects took part in the competition, but the entry that caught our eye was the c_life: city as a living factory of ecology by Arup, Sauerbruch Hutton, Experientia and Galley Eco Capital. This was in fact the winning entry and you can see why, the development is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of those living there by 37% in 2012 and 43% in 2037, compared to living elsewhere in the city. By 2021 the whole development is designed to be carbon negative. Definitely worth a closer look if you interested.



Vesta Architecture is also working on The Palms, a house with an environmental ethos, so stayed tuned and next year we will post photographs of the finished product.


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