Living in Shoes

This week is one for the ladies, that’s right we’re all about shoes!


Everyday we live our lives wearing a pair of shoes. We spend the majority of our time in them, so why don’t we pay as much attention to the design of shoes as we do for the design of our houses? Surely if we aren’t in one, then we are in the other. Every woman knows that a beautifully designed shoe is a must have for any wardrobe, but what about the designers who take it to the extreme? This week we are showcasing some architectural shoes for your pleasure and amazement.


Tea Petrovic created this collection of shoes from paper and wire, which are inspired by Architect Santiago Calatrava. Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tea created this collection as her graduating project from her Fine Art’s degree.


She states: “The idea of high heels was the main focus in the process of making these shoes. High heels gave me an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the given results are an answer to the topic of the space between the high heel, sole and the floor.”

Julian Hakes_2

In contrast, Julian Hake’s Mojito shoes are designed to be worn.


Although only in initial concept stage when the first order from an ex New York model came in, the shoes were quickly developed into reality.

Zaha Hadid 3

Some architects are getting in on the act. When Zaha Hadid collaborated with the Brazilian Shoe brand Melissa, a truly architectural shoe was born.

Zaha Hadid 2


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