Mountainous Buildings.


Stefano Boeri is an inspirational Italian architect who revels in the design of innovative green structures. His most recent project is due to start on site shortly and is part of his Vertical Forrest series. The 117m tall apartment building is located in Lausanne, Switzerland and will be the first building to be covered in evergreen trees.


Named ‘La Tour des Cedres,’ it is a 36 storey green tower that will become home to over 100 trees, 6,000 shrubs and 18,000 plants.


The design of the building is such that the planting will protect the apartments from the high winds, dust and noise of the city, whilst also creating a more picturesque view.



Boeri has also designed two 122m towers in Milan called the Vertical Forest and the first in his series. This project was designed as a model for sustainable residential buildings that aimed to assist with urban reforestation.


Located on the edge of the Isola neighbourhood, the buildings host 900 trees, over 2,000 plants and a wide range of shrubs. Boeri believes that through the use of plants on his high-density towers a microclimate can be created that produces humidity and also absorbs CO2 and dust particles.


The landscaping of these towers also aids biodiversity, by providing a home for insects and birds whilst also creating a green corridor of other wild animals.


apartment-building-tower-trees-tour-des-cedres-stefano-boeri-20Trees are a key element in the biodiversity strategy so it was important to gain expert advice to ensure the buildings operate as designed.


The choice of the species of trees was made to fit with their positioning on the facades and their height, in order to simulate their natural growing environment. It took two years of consultation with a group of botanists to conclude the landscaping strategy and tree locations.


The plants used in this project were grown specifically for the project and were pre-cultivated. This was necessary to ensure the plants slowly got used to the conditions they would be placed in on the building, creating an adequate micro-climate.


“The creation of a number of vertical forests in the city will be able to create a network of environmental corridors which will give life to the main parks in the city, bringing the green space of avenues and gardens and connecting various spaces of spontaneous vegetation growth,” said the studio.


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