Landscaping Design

This private garden design was created for a client whose garden was originally a field and had few mature plants, all of which existed on a rockery. There was also an old pond which leaked and was too small for the fish the client kept. The design was to create a more natural pond, with a bog garden, and natural waterfall which would make it’s way across the existing rockery. The client’s liked sitting next to the old pond, so a seating area was created on the north side of the new pond with a dry stone wall to act as a wind break for the prevailing breezes. A new BBQ seating area was also created north of the pond which allows the clients to enjoy the evening sun, as their existing patio was overshadowed by the house every afternoon.

Together with planting and hard landscaping we were alb to create four separate garden ‘rooms’ for the client. A patio area, which is in full sun during lunch time. A sheltered seating area, encompassed by a stream from which the clients can view the pond and observe the wildlife. A pebbled beach area where herbs are grown, bordering the pond and vibrant bog garden containing bullrushes and flag irises. Finally the new BBQ area which enjoys the evening sun and offers views of the whole garden. The design has allowed the clients to better utilise the space they had whilst also being able to enjoy a garden which is formal yet wildlife friendly

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