The Palms

The Palms is a property with an incredible view overlooking the whole breadth of St Ouen’s Bay. The existing house was a converted garage with an upside down layout and containing two bedrooms.

The Brief

To extend the property to create two extra bedrooms, a large living area and a double garage/ workshop. There was also the supplemental client condition that the house would require minimum maintenance.

This led to the design of a green roofed two storey extension, which blends into the sand dune behind. The extension contains floor to ceiling sliding doors, whilst the existing building is clad in a composite timber cladding, to update the aesthetic. The Gullwing roof was recovered in Zinc to match the entrance extension, with the remaining roofs being covered in lawn.



An experimental procedure

Due to the protection of the orchids within the lawn, which can hibernate for up to two years, an experimental procedure was required. Designed by Landscape Architect Bruce Labey with guidance from the Orchid association and Kew Gardens, the turf and orchids were removed in thick sods and carefully maintained by Bruce and his team. The grass sods have now been planted onto the new green roofs, and colonise the building. This world first has ensured the survival of a protected colony of orchids in one of only two habitats globally. The idea was not to lose the colony of orchids we have and to lower the biodiversity impact that the building creates.

Environmental aspects

The design includes rainwater recycling. The cladding material is made from recycled plastic and wood to create a composite material that requires minimum maintenance. We have also installed triple glazed windows, reused stone excavated on site for the dry stone cladding and permeable paving in the driveway.

See the work: