Reading into things.


Here at Vesta, we love books and are mad about libraries! So this week we are going to share some unique and gorgeous Library ideas.


Why not start with this Scandinavian design classic, the Swedish string shelf. Popular in the 60’s and has come back recently as a retro piece for the home. It is an eternal design piece, ever current and never seeming to age.


Space saving idea’s are always useful, as we are all constantly running out of space.


Perhaps a Room dividing bookshelf that creates a mezzanine level, creating even more hidden storage could be the solution for you.


Being full to the rafters with books is another option. We love how this book wall extends all the way up the pitch of the roof, and even uses the narrow space above the door.


In a park in downtown Bogota you might discover the Paradero Para Libros Para Parques, a programme created 10 years ago to help promote literacy across the country. There are currently 100 of these mini libraries across the country, which are staffed for 12 hours a week. A great idea for visiting a library on the go!


If you really have no space at all, how about a reading chair made from books? Surely the most space saving idea of the lot?

Bookchair - via Penguin Books Aust


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