Stairways to Heaven?


Stairs are a form of functionality, but this week we are looking at how this transitional space can become a sculptural object. Whether used to create clever storage, become a piece of horticulture or be a way of expressing yourself, these stairs are the path to heaven.


This little slice of heaven was designed by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office. The Architects inherited an existing building to be redesigned both internally and externally without carrying out any demolition.


The staircase wraps around the main exhibition space leading you on a journey of the differing levels and varying spatial relationships.



Sunday morning and Massimo Fiorido Associati designed this staircase from the extruded shelves of a bookshelf in a renovated house in Tuscany.


The stair double as storage and due to the materiality become a sculptural form within the room.



This quirky number is based in Vietnam by architecture studio 07Beach.


The stair is designed for dogs and humans, with the canine steps being longer and with shorter risers, ideal for the owner’s pets.



Sensualscaping Stairs by Atmos Design takes the lines from the skirting boards in the house and extend them in a sensual way to create the handrail and balustrade of this delicate stair.

Unusual-curved-stairs-design 2

The wood curls and separating from the wall to create a veil of the balustrade and extending to the edge of the stair.


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