Teaching old dog’s new tricks.


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well that might be true of animals; with Architecture it certainly isn’t the case. Renovation is fast becoming the most popular route to gaining a spectacular modern home whilst still maintaining the character of the past. Here are some quirky examples we think are spectacular.



This Church conversion by Zecc Architects in Utrecht, is a simply stunning way of converting a double height space into several smaller living spaces.


The space has been carved up in order to take full advantage of the stained glass windows and make best use of the abundant daylight. Zecc Architects strategy was to alter the church as little as possible.


They maintained the existing floor, stained glass windows and the old doors. The new constructions are kept free from the church walls, columns and arches.


Glass is used extensively to provide glimpses into other area’s in the church as well as reflecting the historical elements, which fuses the old and the new.



This Martello Tower in Suffolk by Billings Jackson Design is a marvel of restoration. The tower was built in 1808 to defend the coastline.

Martello Tower Y_Billing Jackson

It was last inhabited in the late 19th century and was derelict before the onset of the project.


As a scheduled monument gaining the relevant permissions was a challenge, as well as being located in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a flood plain.


However all obstacles were overcome to create a stunning 3 bedroom home, and a new roof level living space which echo’s the sculpted ceiling internally.


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