The answer is blowing in the wind.

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Anthony Howe is a kinetic sculptor. He creates amazing pieces of moving art that enchant and manipulate ones’ perspective. His goal is to achieve elegance of movement from a very industrial material: Steel.


Anthony started out as a painter in New York, and was working as a superintendent for a warehouse, which caused him to be surrounded by steel.


He became bored of everything being static within his visual world, and so began to experiment with the stainless steel to create his moving sculptures.


He uses computers to design his pieces in order to ensure they will work in motion. The computers then send the designs to cutting machines, which create the 2D objects.

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Anthony then finishes the pieces by hand, which allows him to use his physical intuition to create the right curvature for the movement he requires. The results are magical.

In-Out Quotient

Anthony lives and works in a rural area of Washington, surrounded by trees, wind and other natural elements that inspire his art. He prides himself with putting human feeling into every design. Each piece in motion is totally mesmerising, and is designed to move with the slightest breeze.


We’ve included photos in this blog to show you what his work looks like, but to really appreciate his work you have to see it in motion. Follow the links below to see YouTube videos, and connect with his YouTube channel.


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