Virtual Reality


Last week we went to the Launch of a new local studio specialising in virtual reality. Vizuality was set up in 2014 following a resurgence of virtual reality that was primed by the release of Oculus Rift. What Vizuality have done is to expand on the technology of Oculus Rift to create a virtual world where people can walk freely around without being tethered to a machine. They achieved this by developing a wireless headset, giving freedom of movement.

Vizuality offer a full motion tracking studio, a Virtual F1 simulator, Virtual Red Arrow Hawk experience, as well as other games and educational experiences.


So why was Vesta at the Launch? Well Vizuality can also take a 3-dimensional architectural model created on the specific software we use, and make it into a walk through space. They can convert it into their virtual environment so that clients can literally walk around our designs! Not only that, they can change the decoration and furniture through the flick of a button from a stored library.


We’ve worked with 3D modelling software for over 8 years now, and prefer it for its ease of understanding and the ability to show the client their building without being limited to 2D drawings. But to be able to physically walk around a building before it’s built is phenomenal. There was a one bedroom flat loaded into the system at the launch that I walked through. It was surprisingly real – others even put their hands out to grab the virtual table for stability!


I think that this really could be a glimpse of the future, and would love to use this facility with my clients. The problem comes with cost. All new technologies are expensive, and until they become mainstream they aren’t really affordable unless your client specifically requests them, or your practice is willing to invest. Either way, we think this is where architecture is going and were really glad to be there at the launch of it.

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