World’s Tallest 3D Printed Building!


Shanghai based construction firm WinSun Decoration Design Engineering has reached new heights, by utilising cutting edge 3D printing technology they have created the world’s tallest 3D printed building. This five storey apartment building is made entirely with a 3D printer and is on display at the Suzhou Industrial Park.


The Park also boasts a 1,100 square foot 3D printed neoclassical mansion. The printer itself is 150 meters long and uses a patented ‘ink’ which was created using recycled construction waste.


WinSun is a pioneer in the 3D construction world and managed to print 10 affordable single storey houses in 24hours! Understandably architects and humanitarian aid agencies across the world are excited about the advances.


Orders are being placed for WinSun’s product. A Taiwanese real estate group has ordered 10 houses, whilst the Egyptian government have 20,000 affordable single storey houses being manufactured.


Factories are next on the horizon, with over 20 countries interested.


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